Rutland Red Hat Rules

Rules. There aren’t many, except wear purple, wear a red hat and wear a smile. But here’s a bit more information.

Mission Statement – we are a global society that connects, supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfilment, and fitness.

Membership. Our chapter number yo the RHS is 84305. Your registration fee  is to our local chapter. It helps to pay for our chapter to be registered, and on costs of having fun. Everyone recieves a magnetic personalised name badge to wear at red hat functions.

You could also become a so called “supporting member” of the US society at an additional cost of $20 and you are encouraged to do this directly through the US main web site. This entitles you to a discount card and means you can go to international conventions.

Meetings. Red Hatters do not have “meetings. Get-togethers, events, gatherings, outings, playdays, parties, hoots, yes. But meetings? Never!

In Rutland we will always be staging hoots on the SECOND WEDS EVENING of every month plus occasional SATURDAYS and occasional other days if something comes up we fancy going to. So please keep second Wednesday evenings free so you can join in as much as possible. We currently have sixty five  members, including two pink hatters, quite a few working women, hence our emphasis on evening and weekend hoots. However, there’s nothing to stop our retired ladies from meeting up on weekdays for impromptu hoots as they wish.

Donna and I have come up with lots of ideas for hoots going well into next year but we want to hear from you too! We are trying to create a program which is varied both in activities and costs but please tell us what you want to do, otherwise we shall continue to indulge our fancies and hope you like them.

Nom de chapeuau

Everyone needs a fanciful, beautiful, elegant, or just down right daft name. Click here for ideas!

What to wear

Full regalia should be worn to all red hat hoots. That’s purple clothes and a red hat. Read about the struggle of one of our members on this subject!


It is traditional in the RHS to wear the colours in reverse for your entire birthday month (purple hats and red clothing) I have two purple hats if you want to borrow one, as long as your birthday isn’t in September!

Who can come to hoots?

The Red Hat society is targeted at women approaching 50. Under 50s wear lilac garb and a pink hat.

No boys allowed. Don’t get me wrong, we love our men! But RHS events are for women only. Hopefully our men will enjoy seeing us happy together and gladly find other activities to occupy their time while we “Hat”. Rare exceptions maybe made like the Launde Abbey picnic, grandsons coming bowling perhaps, that kind of thing. Of course, we do let our best guys drive our floats in parades or help us when we need help!

Ladies who come to red hat hoots should be registered members, although again, exceptions can be made. If you want to bring your mum, friend or daughter to a hoot just let us know and bring them. If they keep coming we will need them to register and pay their subs, otherwise its not fair on paid up members.

The Wave

The Queenly wave, which is the official RHS greeting , is performed by cupping the hand, fingers together, and ever-so gently swivelling the wrist back and forth in the direction of the adoring throng (or other hatters).


A pink Hatter’s right of passage.

Official sport. Shopping. Goes without saying.

Etiquette: We are inclusive. We promote the highest of integrity and respect, good manners and a positive environment of all who support our mission of fun and friendship. We are obviously polite and considerate at all times, take our hats off in the theatre etc and tip appropriately in restaurants. Occasionally there may be disharmony in a chapter. It is recommended that the member who is unhapppy be encouraged to peacefully and with goodwill start her own Chapter. We are also encouraged to visit other “open” chapters to find the best fit for our interests.


Our chapter is currently open to new members and you are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Rutland Red Hat Rules

  1. Hi! I am Queen Serendipity of The Sassy Slingbacks of Northampton, what a website I have stumbled uppon, what a great bunch of gals! Please can we hoot at Fawsley Hall with you? We are only 1 (just) and have a firm bunch of 8 friends who like to live, love and laugh.
    Affectionately, Karen

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