Pork Pie Making

Written by Joanne… Well, ten intrepid trainee pie makers gathered  at The Old Pork Pie Shoppe  (where were the rest of you?) Pork Pie Meister Andy, was there to greet us and persuade us into baking attire. Reluctance to shed our red hats was cleverly overcome by being given a stylish RED hairnet ! Hands washed,smiles fixed, we gathered round a long table where the ingredients … Continue reading Pork Pie Making

Bells and Bowls

The bells refers to  hand bells expertly swung by Tony and his team. The bowls refers to bowls of risotto made by Molly! The combination was a winner  and sincere thanks to both. Here’s what Mo wrote… TEARS WAS A-ROLLIN DOWN MY FACE I COULDN’T EVEN FIND MY PLACE! WE WERE TOLD IT DIDN’T MATTER “YOU CAN’T READ MUSIC??? BUT YOU’RE A HATTER!” THE TROUBLE WAS … Continue reading Bells and Bowls