Contact Rutland Red Hatters

Join us! We love to welcome new members from Rutland and, because Rutland is a very small county, we also have members from beyond our borders. So if you live in Corby, Stamford, Melton or Market Harborough, you’re equally welcome!

Current membership stands at about 60, and because each Hoot appeals to different people, numbers at individual Hoots varies between 15 and 50 women: you definitely dont have to come to every event!

The group is run by Tessa Angell and you can join at any point in the year.


We collect a one-off joining fee of £20, which contributes towards your registration, your official badge and the group’s public liability insurance.

On top of this is our annual membership fee of £20, payable every April. (If you join after September, we charge just £10, and if you join after Christmas your membership will carry through to the following April.

Quite a few Hoots are free. Sometimes we organise a ‘bring and share’ supper to keep costs down. Some Hoots require an entrance fee, event ticket or coach transport: all charges are made clear up front so you can decide what to sign up for.

So join us! The only rules are that you wear a red hat, purple clothing and a smile. Be prepared to make lasting friendships, and most of all to live… love… laugh!




10 thoughts on “Contact Rutland Red Hatters

  1. Hello, Would like to come to one of your gatherings(probably in Feb) Please advise regarding clothing/hat as I haven’t got a complete purple outfit or just a red hat and I don’t want to buy things for an initial meeting. Many thanks. All the best Liz

  2. Hi
    Could you send me deatails,I would love to join the red hat society, sounds brilliant. Red is my favourite colour.

  3. I have recently moved to Barrowden and had red about the Red Hatters before I arrived. I have now met several members and would love to contribute to the fun!

  4. Hi Tessa and The Red Hatters,
    Several people have mentioned the Rutland Red Hat Society to me as a real fun & active group. As a fairly new resident of Uppingham, I would love to join in.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Have heard about your various evenings of entertainment from a member so was interested to become one myself, sounds like a load of fun

  6. I met a group of red hatters on a recent cruise and felt very envious of the fun they created wherever they went! They told me all about the hatters so I was determined to find out more on my return. I live in Northants so hope you take “outsiders”?

  7. Hi Red Hatters, just spent the last hour reading all about you and what you get up to, i think i have been looking for something like this for years. i would love to join in , you do all the things im interested in.

  8. Hi Tessa, I have been hearing about and looking at (your web site) Rutland Red Hatters. It all sounds and looks so sociable and so much fun – right up my street !! Please can I join you all. Jane

  9. Hi Rutland Red Hatters! I would love to join in and contribute to fun, friendship,laughter and excitement!! I met some of you when you were walking around Rutland Water recently and enjoyed the conversations and you’re energy!

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