Mo’s Ode to Queen Tess of the p’Urplefrills

We are in debted to the multi-talented Mo Marchesa di Morcott, otherwise known locally as Mo Holley, for this excellent poem about, and for the Queen of the Not-Stuck-in-a-Rut-land Red Hatters….

A very Happy Easter to Hatters everywhere!

Oh Tessa, Queen, Once more we say
What a simply SPLENDID day!
(Well, evening actually, but who’ll complain?
Just put it down to ageing brain!)
Five years have simply fled away
Sharing escapades-Hooray!
We’ve partied madly and in such style
Each one of us wreathed in a smile!
It”s YOU dear Queen we must admire
For tireless energy, a real High-flyer!
You’re never short of great ideas
Whatever the challenge, we have no fear,
We know with you at the helm to lead
We surely are a fearless breed!
Come Red Hats one! Come Red Hats all,
We’ll party on until we fall!!!
Here’s to the next five glorious years!
So lets give Tess some rousing cheers!