Kwikfit hoot

It was all hands to the wheel on Wednesday when a dozen of us gowned up in bright blue overalls and rubber gloves to take a spot of car mechanicals in the Kwikfit Garage in Melton. Fuelled with big fat cream cakes and hot drinks from the dispenser (free!) we set about learning the art of changing a tyre, checking for wear on the treads and filling up our oil and washer solutions and  spotting secret arrows in various bits of the car. We rotated around the different activities, poking our noses under bonnets, into tyres and somewhere near the jacks as directed by our teachers – four strapping chaps who perhaps wondered quite what they’s let themselves in for…


Many thanks to Lady Jane Purple for organising this hoot which was something very different and much enjoyed. We then retired to Wetherspoon’s in Oakham for a spot of supper and a debrief. A special welcome to new hatters Elaine from Whissendine and Kay from Uppingham who braved the wikfit challenge and probably wondered what on earth they had let themselves in for, but hopefully we will see them soon at our birthday don’t month.