Pork Pie Making


by Joanne…

Well, ten intrepid trainee pie makers gathered  at The Old Pork Pie Shoppe  (where were the rest of you?)

Pork Pie Meister Andy, was there to greet us and persuade us into baking attire. Reluctance to shed our red hats was cleverly overcome by being given a stylish RED hairnet !
Hands washed,smiles fixed, we gathered round a long table where the ingredients were assembled.
Andy gave a fascinating insight into the history of the pork pie.
Originally developed  from stilton cheese manufacture.  Manufacturers were looking for a way to use up the whey,a by product of cheese making. Pigs love whey and so another industry came from stilton cheese.
The pork pie was originally scraps of pork wrapped in pastry ,part cooked and given to huntsmen to carry In their pocket for a day’s hunting. At the end of the day, the pies were cooked where the hunt ended. The pastry was discarded and the meat consumed. The pork pie gradually evolved into the delicious product we know today.
Melton Mowbray Pork pie is a protected brand. Only pies produced within a  radius of how far a horse can travel in a day (32miles) can use the name.
We love pork pies.  Xmas week 30,000 pork pies left this shop alone ……mind blowing.
Now lets get onto the best  bit. Andy showed us how to make a perfect pork pie (how difficult can it be  😀  )
Well experts make it look easy. After much hilarity and fighting with a wooden thingy called a ‘dolly’, ten delectable pies were ready for Andy to put in the fridge ready for cooking the next day.
We then fell upon a  well earned  scrumptious buffet. As we munched, greedy eyes surveyed the wonderful array in the shop. Andy was happy to open the till and we all staggered out with some delicious food for the next day.
Thank you Andy for a really enjoyable evening. Thank you Norma,for going back on Thursday to collect the fruits of our labours.
Hatty Congratulations to Andie whose pie was judged to be ‘Simply the Best’.