Ghost walk

Oooh it was spooky… Ok, it wasn’t that spooky, it was more fun than scary and we laughed a lot as we gingerly stepped down dark alleys knowing that Matin Tempest, the professional actor who leads the ghost walk, would inevitably jump out at us, and leave our skins behind. Even though we came to expect it, he would double cross us by appearing high up on a wall above our heads or in a doorway we hadn’t spotted. He did tell us some stories of poor unfortunates who came to untimely ghoulish ends, falling from windows or leaping to their deaths over unrequited love, but to be honest I was so on edge waiting for the next pounce that I barely followed.

Much more disturbing was the white faced female who appeared silently in the moonlight staring from twitchels, or grovelling on the floor in a black cloak. Then the next minute she would disappear, only to turn up silently drifting in the shadows…

Forty five minutes later, having walked around most of Stamford via many of its most tucked away back streets,  we found ourselves standing in the cellar of the Arts Centre, plunged into darkness as we heard about the poor cleaner who met her end there many moons ago… before emerging into the bright lights of the bar and off to grab a great curry at the “8848” Indian on Broad Street to mull over the evening and get our nerves back on track.




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