Goodbye Southern Belle!

How could she leave us, we liked her so much but Southern Belle has gone back down south! Dear Sheila we really hope you make lots of new friends quickly and find a hatters chapter to join down there. We will miss you so much!


Sheila sent us this goodbye poem (sob sob)


I have done a silly poem to say goodbye for the blog:

There’s something I must do,
That I’ve put off far too long,
To say Goodbye to all of you
You’re such a LOVELY throng.

You’ve been such friendly pals
With smiles and fun and cheer
There’s never been such a group of gals;
I’ve not left without a tear.

So many fabbo times,
In Dales, up peaks, long climbs,
Treasure hunts and trips along canals,
With my lovely Hatty pals.

Queen Tess is just the tops,
She pulls out all the stops,
With help from Donna and Mollie
The team can’t be beat, by golly!

So I really want to say thanks,
And a VERY sad farewell,
You’ll always all in my memory dwell,
Goodbye from Southern Belle.

Lots of love,


One thought on “Goodbye Southern Belle!

  1. Sooooooo sorry you are leaving us and even sorrier that I missed your last hoot.😢 I wish you all the best for your move, love and Royal hugs Lady Lynndor xxx😘

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