Kelmarsh Hall

Report from mistress Carrie of the Frangipani. Thanks Carrie!


A visit to an English country house and gardens in July; a perfect summer Hoot. Ok the weather was a little disappointing but we were greeted warmly and offered coffee and biscuits before breaking into two groups for our tour of the Hall.

The first thing our guide said was that she had read “The Poem” and there was no spitting allowed in the Hall! This set the tone for a fun, engaging and informative one and half hour tour of the building.  The Hall was built in the 1730s and occupied by various English families over the years however in the mid-1920s it was leased by an Anglo-American, Ronald Tree, and his Virginian wife Nancy. The Hall you see today is heavily influenced by the changes Nancy made transformed it with flair and imagination. So this quintessential English country house is mainly the product of a wealthy American woman!

After the tour we were provided with a delicious of lunch homemade soup followed by strawberry Pavlova also homemade. We then had free time to explore the gardens, again the style heavily influenced by Nancy. There was the occasional sideways look or enquiry as 20 or so Red Hats wandered around the grounds.

On our departure Sue on reception said to me “It’s been a pleasure to have you all visit us – you’ve been far better behaved than we expected but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed having you here anyway”! So I guess there was no spitting or picking the flowers by these 20 or so well behaved Red Hatters!


kelmarsh1 kelmarsh2


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