Gardeners World and Good Food Show

A coach load of us travelled to the NEC at some unearlthy hour on Saturday – and no-one was late! We dodged the rain to explore the outside stalls and gardens, marvelled at the amazing floral marquee, laughed at the provision of a plant creche where you could leave your little green purchases to pick up later, and wandered our little socks off in the indoor halls. Between us we purchased a hot compost bin and spongy soled gardening shoes, new fangled loo brushes, plan and posies, seeds galore (pound a pouch!) slicers and spirits. We relaxed for a nice lunch and had a sneaky view from our vantage point of the cooking demos in the next aisle, and Cherie Blair who popped over from her table to ask about the red hats!

As for me, I wasn’t tired at all because I spent the day being wheeled about in a hired wheelchair to allow my broken foot to recover some more, but poor Geoff was exhausted! A great day out – and please send me any of your photos and reports to add to this. Thanks



IMG_0747 IMG_0751 IMG_0752 IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0755


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