Matlock Weekend

Willesley Castle Chronicles

(A narrative of our second trip to Derbyshire, equally as fabulous as the first!)

Your roving reporter, ink quill in hand,
Set off to reach the promised land
Of Derbyshire, its rolling hills to climb
And treasures to view, for a second time.

Great joy! Our Good Queen Tess, a Queen of Queens,
Had vowed to take us for some further scenes
Of Mill, cable car, and mountain high –
She’d even arranged for a brilliant blue sky!

We toured the mills of Sir Richard Arkwright,
His textile boom powered by the river’s might.
Then to the Castle – some swam, some chatted,
But all looked fab in purple, and of course, red hatted.

We welcomed friends from Norfolk far
And Milton Keynes, everyone of them a star.
Willesley Castle proved an intriguing home
But come morn, we laced our boots and set off to roam.

The hills and dales we ranged for miles,
We clambered steps and conquered stiles
And then were rewarded, a lovely pub,
We ate at ease, we’d earned that grub!

The evenings were filled with film and fun-
We guessed strange objects, guaranteed to stun,
Played bingo and a messy chocolate game,
Where the bravest amongst us made their name.

Next day we scaled the Heights
Of Abraham, we saw tremendous sights,
The spreading dales, the river from afar,
But what joy to achieve the summit by cable car!

Upon the top brave Tess lead us once again
Down caverns measureless to man,
Hewn not for Blue-john now, but for base lead,
And we heard tales of miners, now long dead.

Alas, our time had fled –
But our heartfelt, grateful thanks must be said
To Tessa, and to Molly too,
Who’ve worked and planned and organised
To give us a time most highly prized –


Southern Belle (aka Sheila)


A very fine weekend. Lovely company, good food, excellent organisation.

My knees will remember those steps many times in the weeks to come!

I’ll never look at an After Eight Mint in the same way!!

Danny la Rue, 82 (or was it 72?)   A quacking good weekend!

Wonderful weekend. Thank you from PAT and SYLVIA,  Milton Keynes Village

Many thanks for a wonderful weekend and looking forward to 2017,


(Yes, we have booked for two years time, as next year is already fully booked! The date, May 19-21st 2017!!!)





FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 11
FullSizeRender 12 Heading off on our walk
FullSizeRender 2
Cromford Mill
FullSizeRender 3
Listening to Jill, our guide
FullSizeRender 5
On the bridge at the mill
FullSizeRender 6
On the bridge at Lathkilldale
FullSizeRender 8
FullSizeRender 10
view from the stairwell, Willersley
FullSizeRender 13
Negotiating the stiles
FullSizeRender 17
Everybody jump!
FullSizeRender 18
Puppet Wendy from Bonsall!
FullSizeRender 19
Lathkilldale in the sunshine
FullSizeRender 26
The after eight game

FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 7 FullSizeRender 14 FullSizeRender 16 FullSizeRender 20 FullSizeRender 21 FullSizeRender 22 FullSizeRender 23 FullSizeRender 24 FullSizeRender 25 FullSizeRender 27 FullSizeRender 28 FullSizeRender 29 FullSizeRender 30 FullSizeRender 31 FullSizeRender 32 FullSizeRender 33


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