Cadbury World

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Report by Elaine, Angel Delight:

So here we all are, seven of us on our trip to Cadbury World.

First off was to have a coffee on arrival. A photo of us in the café has  a giant “Cadbury” chocolate bar just behind us.  We joined the queue and given three different bars of chocolate – the start of things to come!

We listened to a film of the history of Cadbury and when the beans started jumping so did our seats!  This was quite funny to listen to everybody squealing.  A tour of the factory, it being Saturday, was pretty quiet but we did see the processes of chocolate making on film and behind Perspex windows. The packaging department showed us more films on how they filled the crème eggs. At this point I was beginning to feel a bit sick seeing all that chocolate and their contents.

In another area  there was a white blank screen with shadows of chocolate buttons cascading down. If, like Tess and Molly did, you put your arms out then the bubbles would cascade down your arm or bounce off your head. What fun!

Onto  the demonstration of how chocolate is tempered. We were given a tub of melted chocolate and a choice of sweets to go in the tub. I chose jelly

babies and white chocolate buttons. Oh it was difficult to consume so much chocolate but I had a duty to do.

Then we ended up in “Noddy” type cars called “Bean Cars” which 4 of us go into and took us into a tunnel and into cocoa bean land. The beans came to life and they had such a chuckle it made us all laugh like kids again. A flash went off and captured our grinning faces and red hats (or scarf in the case of Pat who had forgotten her hat so had the Queen’s scarf wrapped round her head)

Guess where we ended up next? At the chocolate shop. I thought how wonderful, it was like an Aladdin’s cave.

It was the end to what was a fantastic day and one I will never forget.

Elaine aged 59 ¼.  Just one big kid.
























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