The Full Monty

Did they go the whole way? Of course they did!

It is Sheffield in the eighties. Strikes  and layoffs abound. Redundant steel workers are desperate. Lomper, gay, friendless and miserable tries to hang himself, Gerald pretends to be in work until his wife finds out and leaves him,  Gaz can’t pay his maintenance money and might lose contact with his son.  Dave is fat and fed up.  As they turn to male stripping to make  themselves a bit of cash, winning writer Simon Beaufoy has us rolling in the aisles.

This was the funniest piece of theatre I’ve seen in ages and perhaps even better than the film. I loved the set which was in turn  the old steel works, the pub, the job centre, the interview room and of the course, the night club.  In it, the cast move girders, revitalise the old crane and play games on dustbin lids. They argue and encourage, rant, and  rehearse their hip action.

The audience reaction to seeing a few chaps in the buff?  We whoop and roar, not because we are being titillated by naked flesh (speak for yourself) but for the sheer joy that these characters we’ve come to know, actually have the guts to reveal all!


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