Sound of Music, Curve

Well I hope I’ve got the confidence in confidence to do this production justice. You wait little girls, until I get to the bit about Favourite Things being sung in the Abbey with the Mother superior! Now that was unexpected but refreshingly original. Paul Kerryson directed this much loved Rogers and Hammerstein classic and the Curve came alive with the sound of music. Set against the idyllic landscape of the Austrian Alps – some of the trees of which appeared on the stage and others were drafted in from the ceiling – this heart warming and oh so familiar tale  based on the true story of the Von Trapp family did not disappoint. Every day of your life and as long as you live you may never see it so good.

Totally unprepared was I for the rendition of Lonely Goatherd in the big bed during the thunderstorm though, but I guess they’d already used Favourite Things up. They should better beware, be canny and careful messing with the script in that way, but it worked! And then, the moment of truth, Laura Pitt-Pulford who  played Maria and the almost-as gorgeous-as-Christopher-Plumber Michael French in THE romantic scene. Thank goodness he left out the little chuckle which only CP could ever do, but they played their parts beautifully, making my heart want to beat like the wings of the birds that rise from the lake to the trees. And the wedding scene with a giant stained glass window falling gently into view from somewhere in the ceiling, was a work of art.

Then came the second half with its more sinister atmosphere full of torch light and shushing, the betrayal by Rolf in the abbey and the final climb to safety over the hills to find their dream.

Thirteen hatters climbed a mountain or two to make it here tonight and sadly a couple tripped and fell on its way. I hate to have to say it but I very firmly feel it was a shame that poor Jane didn’t feel well enough to come, and Donna got tied up at work, heaven bless them.

I almost forgot to take any photos, but remembered to snap a quick one of the three of my passengers – including new member Jenivieve (Jenny from Uppingham, in the middle below – welcome Jenny!) just on our way out.

That’s about all the puns I can muster. So long, farewell…




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