The Cheeseman’s Music Night

A report by Elaine Angel Delight… Thanks Elaine.

Britain’s got talent has nothing on us ladies……….let me explain.

We arrived at Ashwell Village Hall only to be confronted by a power cut. Not to be deterred we got the candles out.  It did look cosy but we had no heating.

How on earth were we going to sing with no electricity?  This took me back to the stories of what my grandma told us when she was in the wars and had no power but they survived. Choosing food was like the blind leading the blind and was all guess work. The power came back on at 8pm and we could see what we were eating.

First up was Ian, the cheese man as he is now known, and his trusted assistant Julia accompanied on the keyboard by Mary.  They sang some lovely songs to which we all joined in.  He told a few jokes in-between but my favourite was when he was telling us about Peter the hissing snake!!!! (Which, note from QT, started something like…”Pete was a snake and he was hissing in his pit. His mum said Pete, don’t hiss in our pit, go and hiss in Mrs Potts’ pit”…. and got increasingly difficult to say without hissing up.)

Next up was yours truly and Sian Cheverton (Rufa Medica).  I was quite nervous performing in front of you all.  We took off and mimed to a Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren song “Goodness Gracious Me”.  It was quite apt us singing about an Indian doctor as Sian herself is one of our local GPs. Sian took her responsibilities seriously as she wore a white doctor’s coat, a turban and a black moustache. She even brought her own stethoscope. One of her props was a giant “needle in the Punjab”. This can be seen in one of the photos. It seemed to go down well and a round of applause was given in the end.

Next up was the Rutland Finalist of the X Factor singing “Older ladies are Divine” and they sang very divinely. Well done ladies for being so brave.

We had a new member join us, Kathleen, whose new name is now “Evans Above”.  We also welcomed Pat Hoyles as my guest who is considering joining us when she retires.  I hope our antics have not put her off from joining us.

A special thank you goes to Daphne for arranging this wonderful musical event.

This was my fourth event as I too am a fairly new member and I wished I found you ladies all sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to a long and happy association with you all and making new friends.



Queen Tess’s musings….

“A elderly man in a care home went up to an elderly woman, thrust his hips and said “Super sex?” There was no response, so he tried again, with a different lady, “Super sex?”  An another, “Super sex?” Eventually he got a response – “Oh, alright, I’ll have the soup”

This, I think, was my favourite joke told by the Cheeseman on Music night. I know it was meant to be music night, and music there was indeed, but he couldn’t help throwing in a few quips and stories, some of which we’d heard before but we’d forgotten the punch lines so it didn’t really matter, like the couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and were each granted a wish by a fairy. She wished for a cruise and was granted two tickets on the Queen Mary. He wished to be married to someone 30 years younger, and in a wave of the fairy’s wand, he became 92!

And then there was the music. Songs from the shows, lively and familiar  most of them. “Wouldn’t it be Loverly” from My Fair Lady, which is of course, where we first met the Cheeseman, at Kilworth house last summer, “Lambeth walk” (a hatter in each arm to walk the walk with him)  and more, duets with Julia and accompanied fabulously on the keyboard by Mary. Some slow numbers and some unprompted audience participation, the Cheeseman on one knee and struggling to get up again, Julia raising her lovely voice to the roof. IMG_5881 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5887 IMG_5890 IMG_5892 IMG_5899 IMG_5903

It had been touch and go whether we would get any music to emerge from the keyboard at all and were thinking we might have to make do with the out of tune piano nestling in the corner of Ashwell Village Hall – because on my arrival I found Daphne in semi darkness, getting out tables and struggling to see enough to set out the food – the was a power cut! We were supplied with some candles and everything looked very pretty and atmospheric. Looked it, but didn’t feel it, as of course there was no heating to cosy everything up. However by around 8.00 the lights flashed back, the heaters flared and all was set for our music night to continue as planned. Phew!

Angel Delight and Rufa Medica presented a take off of Sophia Loren and Peter Sellars Boom boody boom, Oh Goodness Gracious me song, complete with fake moustache and giant syringe.  Molly took a video of this hilarious number on her phone which I am trying to work out how to upload…


Then yours truly and a faithful gang of hatters in the chorus performed entitled “Older Ladies”. Molly was busy holding up the words on giant yellow boards at the back of the room so the only video we have is one of us in practice at Sarah’s house on the Sunday afternoon. (Which, arguably went better than the real thing, except for party poppers which we had stuffed down our fronts ready to finish with a bang.)

Thanks must go to Daffy Down Dilly for organising the hoot, to Ian, Julia and my for the quality entertainment and to all the hatters who contributed music and /or cheesy food, which was all delicious, especially Sian’s hot veggie concoction which arrived hot! After eating  tasty but cold macaroni cheese because we hadn’t been able to heat it up, it certainly helped thaw us out!



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