Salsa dancing

Our  First Hoot by Lady D’Arbanvill (were these new new hatters in caHOOTS? Their accounts are extraordinarily similar, read on!
Well in for a penny in for a pound – so with red hat on my head and dressed all in purple and two left feet off I went to South Luffenham to join my first hoot.- Salsa night!  What fun we all had. Wonderful teachers – very patient – just what was needed – lovely food and such friendly hatters. It didn’t feel like a first night as everybody was so friendly and made me feel very much at home.
Cannot wait for the next hoot…
and Joanne – The Lady Tryss de Rioja…
Having 2 left feet, I viewed my first foray into the world of Red Hatters with some trepidation, Salsa …Oh Boy !.   Bustled along by LJP of Wing, I found myself Hat in hand and  a vision of purpleness, in the car speeding to South  Luffenham.  What a lovely evening, friendly Hatters, great fun and the most delicious food.  Welcomed by QT and several other Hatters, I quickly felt at home.  The salsa people were great, very patient, not wincing too much as feet were trodden on.            LOVED IT            Can’t wait for the next Hoot    :-0
And from Queen Tess…

It’s amazing how some people will strike up a conversation with anyone! On this occasion, it turned out to our advantage.  Lady Big Bang got talking to the plumber in a plumbing shop in Peterborough and he ended up coming out to Rutland to run an evening of Salsa dancing for us. What’s more, he brought with him a veritable army of helpers to dance with us and keep us on the straight and narrow, or should I say the hip swing and Mambo. and all in exchange for a Mexican supper, (thanks to the aforesaid Lady BB and her faithful assistant Lady Luffenham), and a couple of beers. Since thanks to Dave and his friendly gang for leading us through the moves and putting us with us stepping on their feet.

The look of fear on Jantique’s face below sums up the trepidation felt by many until we got into the swing of things, then we were off, swirling and turning, ducking and checking with the best of them. Well, kind of. We had a good laugh anyway and, who knows, maybe some were inspired to take it further. I know Lady BB for one had a subsequent little dance around her kitchen in the days that followed…

Here we are in full swing.


IMG_5630 IMG_5634 IMG_5635 IMG_5637 IMG_5641 IMG_5649 IMG_5658




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