Summer Solstice Sleepover

Beautiful sunshine, beautiful woodland, eight intrepid hatters including lady  Jane who chose to erect her new camp bed under the stars, except by the time she went to bed it was mostly cloudy. We entertained ourselves round the campfire as we ate our bbq, rather more successfully cooked than the one at Rutland Water a week before. My “turn” was easy – the story from earlier in the day when I had arrived at the forest only to find that the gate code which has stood the test of time for four years, didn’t work! I wasn’t about to walk the distance backwards and forwards with a boot full of stuff, so various failed phone calls and trips up to Fineshade later, finally revealed that the padlock had been changed and no one had bothered to inform us of the fact. With the forestry commission in tow, armed with wd40 and a sledgehammer in case all else failed, I got in through the barrier and had just about arrived before the first hatters made an appearance.

All went well until we were woken in the night by a mysterious figure meandering around the camp, a white ghostly shape,  which turned out to be Donna, at half past one in the morning, returning to camp with a quilt for her daughter. She’d got home to her cosy bed after the campfire and bbq, having ducked out of actually sleeping in the forest, and started to get worried that Catherine wouldn’t be able to hack it, and might be lying there, crying and cold in the unfriendly darkness. So she drove back, fought with the padlock of the gate into the forest, drove the half mile in the dark up the forest path and made her way through the long grass to her soundly sleeping daughter, whereupon she proceeded to ease her sleeping bag off her and swap it for the nice warm quilt. “Wake up, its time for your sleeping pill!” Having reassured herself that Catherine was still alive and perfectly content she nicked the sleeping bag and slept in the car, but not before setting off the car alarm four times and well and truly waking us all up. She is not for nothing called the queen of Vice. Nice one Donz. We will get our own back with the photos, when I get them all in…0 (2) 0 unnamed0 (1)


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