Rutland Water BBQ


By Daffy Down Dilly.
It’s quality not quantity………
 A small and select group of Red Hatters gathered  on the shores of Rutland Water, on a perfect summer’s evening for the BBQ Hoot. Two new members were nearly recruited as two ladies arrived dressed in purple, only to find that they were there to walk their dogs and have their own picnic!
So still was the atmosphere, it was difficult to get the barbeques going, but with perseverance away they went, and in no time at all salmon steaks, stuffed mushrooms, burgers and bangers were sizzling away and then eagerly devoured accompanied by a selection of salads, (mainly couscous!). All followed by a stunning mixed fruit tray and yummy cookie cake. Besides the red and white wine, coconut water, and beetroot juice were also on offer!
The sunset provided the evening’s entertainment; there was even a vertical rainbow over the water in the ever changing colourful sky.
As the temperature slowly dropped and the light faded, the few made a very contented way home.
Addition by QT
Special thanks to Daffy’s husband John for fixing one of the bbqs and to lady Lyndor’s for his three journeys to Rutland Water that night, one to bring her, one to fetch her back, and one in the middle to bring the platter of fruit, lovingly prepped then left on the kitchen table.

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