Bowling, Uppingham Town Hall

It wasn’t an easy task for Upptown Girl and Baroness de Bowls to organise thirty three hatters to play carpet bowls, but they did a great job. Fuelled with delicious soup and the most amazing cake, we started rolling those woods.( At least I know what they are called, as my Nana used to get very cross with anyone who called them bowls instead of woods) What I didn’t know is how to roll the wood to make it curl, and how difficult it is to judge the push and how virtually impossible it was to keep it on the carpet. The winners were the ones, not who were closest to the jack, but actually managed to keep in on the mat! Inspired perhaps by the curling on the recent Olympics, we had a good go, but somehow there wasn’t the grace of the GB curling team. Our woods went shooting off the carpet, onto the next door game, or went crashing into the little bit of white wood placed just in the wrong spot right in the middle of the carpet. How are you supposed to avoid hitting that? We had four throws each and lots of chat. Thanks go to Sue and Joyce for a great fun evening.

Enormous hatty birthday cake.



Eating our soup.

The Baroness gives some much needed tuition.



Our first coming of age ritual!  Lady Tra la la reaches the milestone birthday this week. She walked through the arch of hatters wearing a pink hat, then was crowned with a new red hat on
at the other end. We sang Happy Birthday to her along the way.




and emerges at the other end to receive her red hat.




The birthday girls cutting the cake.













One thought on “Bowling, Uppingham Town Hall

  1. What a wonderful cake – sorry I missed it all
    Belated happy birthdays Lady Jane (usually of Wing but at present of Tulse Hill)

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