Lincoln Christmas Market


7 December 2013


Talk about a sea of people – there seemed to be a veritable ocean of them washing back and forth along the cobbled streets of Lincoln on Saturday when a group of us from the Rutland Chapter took a bus trip to the Christmas Fair.  And everywhere one looked, red hats were bobbing along with the flow, not just our own smart titfers but Santa Claus caps, Christmas cake hats, crimson-berried hair bands… you name it, if it was red and capable of being worn on a head, it was at Lincoln yesterday!


The weather turned fine for us after an early morning grizzle of rain, and we reached the city by 10 o’clock with seven whole hours ahead to take in everything this medieval city could throw at us.  And boy, was there a lot.  Like pilgrims, we streamed from one attraction to the next, pausing only occasionally to refresh ourselves before moving on to yet another enticing display of temptations.  This was window-shopping at its best and most exhausting, because no sooner had one glorious item been spotted and oohed over, than another on the next stall, more colourful, more desirable, captured our attention.


Thank goodness for the comparative calm and quiet of Lincoln Cathedral, to gather ourselves for an hour away from the madding crowd before launching ourselves once more into the noise and bedlam outside.  By five o’clock we were starting to droop, but managed to revive ourselves just enough to enjoy the modernised medley of carols that accompanied our journey safely home.


Lady Jane Willoughby Worksmith, having second thoughts about finishing her day on the big wheel.



Little Miss Do a Lot, totally relaxed…




and Queen Tess enjoying the view.




Notice the purple sky, just for us!



And some views of the market, lit up for the evening.


And the cathedral seen through the big wheel bars.







IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4704 IMG_4706






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