Don Paddy’s quiz night

Our very own Professor Carol Crimsoncap concocted us a quiz for this hoot. Thirty questions all linked. The first one made reference to the Warning poem, and the answer was purple, so Muggins here thought all the questions were linked to purple and spent ages wondering why I couldn’t see the link. Then I realised that each question was linked to the next, but by then I had got into the habit of leaving it to the rest of my team anyway and I focused on the food! Don Paddy’s produced a lovely meal of a rich chicken or beef casserole, and veggie lasagne, loads of potatoes and perfectly cooked veg. Then there was a difficult choice for puds between sticky toffee and lemon treacle. None of your fruit salads here. Perhaps they were getting us in training for pudding night to come.

It was slightly weird being in this upstairs venue for dinner, as this room used to be my sitting room when I was three! My mother tells the story of how I was being awkward and not wanting to come out with the family. She coaxed me by pointing out of the window to a little girl licking an ice cream and said if I cooperated I could have one of those. By the time I had climbed up on the window seat to look out, the little girl had climbed onto her bike and was riding away across the market place. Suddenly I became compliant and helpful. “Oh, thank you mummy, I’ve always wanted a bicycle”!

Me, awkward? Never!

Many thanks to Carol for her supreme effort on the quiz front, and for providing the prizes and many congratulations to the winners on the table in the corner. Can’t quite remember who you were but let me know and I’ll put it in. (and I’ll know you were reading this blog!)

Some pics of the evening.

IMG_4571 IMG_4573 IMG_4575 IMG_4576


One thought on “Don Paddy’s quiz night

  1. It was a really good night. I was oblivious to most of the connections between the questions, because our table was focussing on WINNING. We quickly realised we weren’t going to, after scoring less than 50% on the first round. However, our intelligence levels increased as we increased our intake of alcohol and we ended up in joint third. Huge thanks to Carol for the quiz, which was a brilliant mix of questions and superbly set out and illustrated.

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