Upptown Girl goes Cruising

Upptown Girl goes cruising


Purple suitcase packed and ready to go.
Waved goodbye at Corby Station to husband, who looked dejected and lost, and wondered how he would survive on his own for a week.
Train to St. Pancras, struggled down the escalator (men turning a blind eye), caught train to Three Bridges to be picked up by friend to stay in Horsham for the night, ready to be driven to Gatwick Airport at 8.a.m. in the morning to board plane for Rome.
Phone call from travel agent at 12.45 a.m. Big panic as Rome personnel going on strike at 1.p.m.so couldn’t land in Rome. Told to get to Gatwick by 4 a.m to catch plane to Naples for onwards transfer to Rome. Sleep impossible, so tea, toast and film until time to leave for the airport. Arrived at Gatwick red hat on head to be greeted by other red hatters, equally stressed. Hugs and introductions all round. Met my cabin mate Maggie.
Trip from Naples to Rome difficult as driver refused to put on the air con, professing not to understand our request.
Boarded ship just in time for sailing and what a ship – pure luxury. Our staterooms had two showers and a bath, top quality bedding, balcony with table and chairs. All worth waiting for.
Visited Sorrento, Positano, Corfu, Sicily, Zante, Dubrovnik, and ended in Venice. Weather around 76 – 79 degrees.
It was an American ship so very few Brits on board but the Red Hatters were treated like royalty. Full regalia every night, purple gowns, red hats, loads of bling – and the Americans loved us. This was 6* cruising sensational food, afternoon tea to match the Ritz.
My ship mates were mainly from the south of the country, Worthing, London, Essex, Bristol and Bedford. Lots of new friends, hopefully to reunite at next year’s convention in Liverpool.
CRUISE 029 CRUISE 031 CRUISE 041 CRUISE 047 CRUISE 059 CRUISE 076 Jacques restaurant (2)CRUISE 076CRUISE 059CRUISE 047CRUISE 041CRUISE 031CRUISE 029

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