Trip to Wells-next-the-Sea 2013


A Personal Recollection from our own Queen of Vice

Well, Wells – we were all up for it despite a few worries that it wouldn’t be as good as last year. Silly really, have we ever not had a good time on a hoot?

Hoste Arms did us proud again with a very warm welcome and posh food. Little Miss Do-a-lot and I enjoyed our annual prowl around that nice shop where I got my hedgehog house from last year. On to Wells – a bit chillier and a lot windier than last year and I was a tad disappointed to find the little cups and saucers had been removed from ‘our’ beach hut. Otherwise the beach hut was just as scrumptiously lovely, and I managed to get over loss of tea set. Our neighbours from last year weren’t there but we all remembered them – they were/are a lovely couple. This year, scarily, we were next door to a bunch of fearsome lookin pirates! In fact the town was swarming with em. Somehow wearing a red hat and purple clothes just didn’t feel that odd, bizarre, ridiculous anymore.

The annual space hopping contest took place – this is purely for the pleasure of our QT who seems to delight in watching her friends and sister hats topple over and bite the sand. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the developing skill of returners to the contest – some got to the finishing line – you’ve been training I know it! My own contribution was to invent the straight legged walk which some mistook as the straight legged run – some people are just so competitive.

Those of us who are sporty, active types played a game on the beach something like a cross between …er….netball ….American football/rugby? I suggest we give it its own name Hatsball? That was a hoot on its own –  battling against gale force very high number winds and pitted against the actually genuinely sporty types on the opposing team. Mind you I also watched with pride and awe the fast paced skill of my own team members and managed to pretend to try to catch the ball a couple of times myself.

After that punishing but exhilarating game some of us just had to show our hardy, love the outdoors, wind in your hair, brave in the face of the elements, side a bit more and took a paddle and then a brisk walk through the sea – which was, unusually, for Wells within short walking distance from base camp and, let me tell you, really, really cold!

It was great to catch up with Norfolk/Suffolk Hats. You’re never alone when a Hat. Big thank you to Anne who acted as taxi back from the fish and chip shop. Ah the pure joy of fish and chips, a mug of tea, a glass of red wine,  the sand and the company of friends.

I love Wells.

Homeward bound and cracking good egg of a coach driver sang along with us to the NSiaR Red Hat Coach Journey Sing-a-long CD. Show us the way to Amarillo defo an all round favourite this journey, another old favourite ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon’ Abba, of course….. Sound of Music’s Lonely Goatherd, naturally. Lady Jane Wordsmith put up with it without a murmur. I think it was her under that padded coat…. Thanks Jane for managing your pain without a fuss.

Good Day
Fun Hoot
Thanks Hats

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