Flip a Penny Walk in Fineshade Woods

The idea was to flip a coin to determine which footpath we took. Unfortunately we tossed four heads in a row and ended up back at the car park! So we tried again, and with  rather more success on the coin flipping front, we enjoyed a pleasant evening’s four mile stride through the forest. Kingston Girl, Sharon, our latest recruits has kindly offered (well, OK, had her arm twisted) to come up with a report on her first hatting experience. Here it is. And, a couple of pics – one of us having arrived by chance at the hide, and at the end staggering back to the cars.

By Kingston Girl…

The day a reluctant hat-wearer became an enthusiastic Red Hatter!

On Wednesday 10th July I discovered a side to me that I really didn’t know.  I don’t mind wearing hats!

After joining the wonderful ‘Not Stuck in a Rut-land’ Red Hat Society about a month ago, I was looking forward to joining ‘the crowd’ for my first outing, the Flip A Penny Walk at Fineshade.  Then came a wonderful invitation from Queen Tess to join her at home for tea/coffee and cakes in the morning of that very same day.  I found the only mauve/purple top I own and had purchased a little ‘top hat’ kind of headgear (thinking that we probably don’t wear them all the time!), and joined Queen Tess and ‘the gang’ along with my very crunchy homemade chocolate biscuits!!  I was a bit worried about teeth!

The weather was kind to us as we sat in the garden, not too hot and definitely not cold, and to my astonishment, everyone was wearing their hat!  So I endured my headgear and eventually got used to the alien object on top of my head and more than enjoyed the wonderful cakes and biscuits that adorned the plates.  It was a brilliant opportunity to meet new faces and become re-acquainted with lovely ladies who I’ve known in the past but have since lost touch.

Then at 6pm in the evening we arrived at Fineshade.  Again I thought the hats would be something that ended up being carried in our hands but, oh no!  Stalwarts to the end, we adorned the tiresome things all the way around Fineshade and, surprisingly, I got quite used to my hat by the end of our wonderful 4 hour walk.  The concept of the Flip a Penny Walk was that at each fork in the road a 50 p coin was flipped and tails, we turned left, heads we turned right.  It seemed that we had a 50 p coin that had a penchant for heads and after a couple of flips we ended up back in the car park within an hour! The 50 p eventually found it’s roll and we were off – stopping for a quick peek at the wildlife via the Hide – an insight into GeoCaching from Queen Tess (something I will definitely be taking up!) – and 4 miles later we arrived at the car park ready and eager for our refreshing drink/dinner at The Royal Oak in Duddington.

If this is what I have to endure wearing a hat for, then I’m happy to have a wardrobe full of clashing red hats and purple tops!

Thank you Queen Tess and ‘the gang’ for making me feel so welcome!


IMG_4282[1] IMG_4283[1]


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