Night in the Forest

Tucked away in Fermyn Woods, near Brigstock are some log cabin shelters (like this)

Groups (like us) are allowed to book them and stay overnight in them. They are a good distance from the road, hidden from view and nestled in the forest. There’s a bbq area for cooking and a cafe not far away in the country park for breakfast the next morning.
 We just had to do it. It cried out to be done. A red hat sleepover extraordinare So, public liability insurance purchased, there was no stopping us. (Well, except Donna who would not be persuaded by anyone on earth to sleep anywhere lacking soundproof walls and an ensuite bathroom.)
Lady Big Bang of Pyrotechnica writes…

On entering our shady little glen we found Queen Tess had worked her magic again and our open fronted log cabins had been bedecked in pretty purple bunting. There was a similarly decorated gazebo under which was enough prepared barbeque food and drink to feed an army of hungry Red Hatters.

At the allotted time Rutland Red Hatters and three visiting delightful ladies from Norfolk converged on our perfect woodland retreat. After deciding who was bunking where we deposited our cars to a place of safety … oh, after assisting Daffy-down-Dilly with a small case of ‘Rutland Red Hatter actually stuck in the mud’. Lunch was combined with instruction from QT on how to use hand held GPS’s. We split into teams and set off with enthusiasm to find our geo-caches. Our determined Ladies from Norfolk were last to return to the camp, having ventured ‘off piste’, hacking their way through undergrowth, to retrieve their bounty.

Having regrouped, refilled on hot drinks and large slices of cake, and rekindled the fire we set about cooking our evening feast. Coffee and tea was replaced by eagerly awaited wine and funny stories, laughter and games began in earnest. Sandra (forgot her RH name) entertained us wonderfully enumerating a series of increasingly difficult tongue twisters which we all tried to repeat with varying degrees of success! During our marshmallow toasting dessert Princess Primrose produced a box of After Eight Waver Mints, which we had to place on our foreheads and manoeuvre down to our mouths! This produced much hilarity and HRH Belladonna the Queen of Vice, likened my attempt as an impersonation of the spinning head scene in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Total Recall! Felicity found chocolate on her face the following morning, when washing hands before breakfast in the café!

I brought sparklers to play with around the fire and Janet brought glow stick wristbands for us all to wear so we could find each other in the dark. We retired to bed around midnight with the rising of a beautiful bright moon. We all thought we heard thunder in the distance but this turned out to be a rave in the next wood! The clearing began to quieten as one by one the girls fell asleep. Finding it difficult to drift off I lay awake listened out for wildlife but the sound of snoring from all cabins drowned them out!

We rose early to a bright sunny morning and the Kelly-kettle was fired up to produce welcome cups of tea and coffee. Following a clear up of the site and a sharp rain shower we wondered a little under a mile to the café and tucked into full English breakfasts.

Thank you to all for 24 hours of fun, frolics and friendship in a perfect place for a day of relaxation and domestic diversion.

Some pics of our Night in the Forest…

2013-06-22 10.26.052013-06-22 11.31.30 2013-06-22 11.31.37 2013-06-22 12.10.11 2013-06-22 12.10.14 2013-06-22 12.10.17 2013-06-22 12.27.19 2013-06-22 14.14.53 2013-06-22 14.14.59 2013-06-22 14.17.20 2013-06-22 14.17.22 2013-06-22 14.21.05 2013-06-22 14.21.11 2013-06-22 15.00.03 2013-06-22 15.00.14 2013-06-22 18.17.01 2013-06-22 18.17.09 2013-06-22 21.09.44 2013-06-22 21.10.50 2013-06-22 21.59.10 2013-06-22 22.04.16 2013-06-23 06.18.48 2013-06-23 06.22.26 2013-06-23 07.47.51 2013-06-23 07.49.10 2013-06-23 08.18.36 2013-06-23 08.47.07 2013-06-23 09.18.03 Come Back Kathy! Fire Dancing Donna Jane being Mum QT arising

4 thoughts on “Night in the Forest

  1. Wow! Well done you intrepid lot of ‘mad’ Hatters!!! Seems like you had a brilliant time! I’m sorry I can’t do that sort of thing any more. Here’s to an imaginative and energetic group. We’re certainly NOT STUCK IN A RUTlanders! Here’s to you Queen Tess! love Mo M di M

  2. I’m glad Springwatch wasn’t filming at Fermyn Woods last weekend…wildlife like never encountered before!

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