Cadburys Flake advert

I can’t believe I forgot the Flakes! Left them all on the kitchen table and headed over to Rutland Water in the mist, to see if any other hatters would turn up. The idea was to relax in the sunshine on the banks of the beautiful water, with our painting paraphernalia and, just like the Flake girl did in the 1970s, paint a pretty picture. Lady Jane even wore her floaty dress  for the occasion. A brisk breeze was blowing off the water, and a faint drizzle threatened to put a damper on our arty evening, so it was with some surprise that I spotted first two, then another, and, lo and behold two more red hats appear on the horizon. We set up shop, snuggled up in our blankets and big coats, and spread our pencils and paints out on the grass to share. We painted, quickly it has to be said, the view, the ducks, the trees, the hatters themselves. We laughed, we chatted, we painted. There was Lady Jane’s colourful masterpiece, Southen Belle’s accomplished view of the water, Dame Delphinium’s duck, Lady Lynndor’s tree, Purplina’s landcape,   and QT’s scribbly picture of everyone else painting. Then, just as Belladonna arrived, we decided it was time to adjourn to the pub. The Wheatsheaf in Edith Weston provided us with a delicious supper  – some of us chose retro scampi and chips in honour of the Flake Girl – and the chips were to die for. Pity there weren’t any Flakes for pud though!2013-06-12 18.30.11 - Copy 2013-06-12 18.30.20 - Copy 2013-06-12 18.30.27 - Copy 2013-06-12 18.30.33 2013-06-12 18.30.40 2013-06-12 18.30.49 2013-06-12 18.31.03 2013-06-12 18.54.16


One thought on “Cadburys Flake advert

  1. I decided to carve a flake!! But, all the bits flaked off and after an exhausting couple of weels of Open Studios, (with two more to go!!!) I completely flaked out, and went to bed!! But well done you intrepid lot, you looked as if you had a lovely time!! Mo M di M

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