Skittles night

By Lady Jane Purple of Wing….

Skittles at the Rose and Crown at Thurnby

32 Red Hatters descended on the pub at Thurnby to compete at skittles and great fun it was too.  Suitably primed with a good supper and fortified with various alcoholic substances we all tried our hands, literally, at Killer Skittles.  3 lives each and last woman standing the winner.  First round throwing “cheeses” at the wooden skittles with the “wrong hand” (i.e. with the left if you are right-handed and vice versa) subsequently showed that quite a few of us are no more skilled when using the “proper” hand.  Those of us who failed to hit a skittle at all felt that this demonstrated a dexterity not matched by those who sent the pins flying at each go!  No points were gained for style although some very imaginative techniques were adopted, the flying or bouncing cheese ploy proving somewhat perilous for those seated next to the alley.  Molly proved her agility as she dodged the cheeses while fielding them and the fallen pins and also her superior skills (advantage of youth maybe?) as she emerged the winner from the hotly contested final stages of the competition. 

Not sure what the pub clientele made of the brightly dressed ladies in their midst but at least most of them smiled which is more than can be said for the barman who managed to walk round collecting glasses without once showing a glimmer of amusement at the somewhat bizarre scene presented to his gaze!

“A good time was had by all” – many thanks to Queen Tess for organising.


By Belle Dame de Violette…

Well, I thought I’d be hopeless, never having had the experience of ‘chucking cheeses’ across a room to try and demolish little wooden figures before. However, I wasn’t completely hopeless and neither was anyone else. Did it matter anyway? This was my 2nd Hoot and I, and everyone else there seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I thought arranging a coach was a very good idea. Thank you. The game we ended up playing after the Skittles was good fun too……Chocolate cake-pops and community singing was just ‘The Icing on the Cake’! The coach driver seemed to enjoy driving his ‘mature teen-agers’ and he was very helpful. xxx


Here we are arriving at the pub, just as the Cardinals in Rome were coming out in force to tell us about the newly elected Pope. You can see them in the background, in their red hats of course!
















Getting started on Killer Skittles.




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