Christmas at Launde

Queen TessLaunde Abbey. Fabulous venue, waiting in the valley, its glowing windows warmly beckoning us inside for our final hoot of the year. I arrived early to set up my little numbers on the tables and to pile lots of  little purple boxes into a giant basket, ready for the arrival of forty two wonderful Rutland Red Hatters for our Christmas celebration. Mulled wine steaming, staff at the ready, tables dressed with Christmas cheer. We did what Red Hatters do best. Live, love, laugh …and laugh some more. Our secret boxes guided us round the tables between courses so there were always new people to talk to, new members to meet. We ate – and it was very good, the staff patient as we negotiated our new seats and returned to rescue our bread or wine from our old ones. We entertained each other, spreading ourselves over the rest of the abbey’s ground floor. Good job we had the place to ourselves. Rufa medica gave us the baked bean song, Mo and Co a hilarious version of Cinderella with Lady Jane Willoughby-Wordsmith cracking us up with her perfectly timed deadpan Cinders, and Professor Carol and her well chosen game for anything cast performed an ambitious and rib splitting Dashed Dotty Drama in which every word started with a D!   Little Miss Do-a Lot and I sang The Mom song, deftly accompanied by Lady Tra la la on the piano, giving us just time to make the most of a few numbers from the disco boys and a bit of bopping to well chosen songs.image 6

into the dining room

image 3

image 7

image 5

image 4


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