Film Night

My First Hoot by Cider Sue

What a lovely evening!  Isn’t it strange the way ‘bring and share’ food always works?  This certainly turned out to be a fantastic spread.  Cider Sue felt obliged to bring cider which seemed a very mundane contribution compared to the other delicious provisions covering every surface.  An analyst would have had a field day with our plates – who brought their best china? who brought the chipped one from the bottom of the pile? who brought the picnic plate?

The venue was brilliant. Many thanks are due to Jane and her husband for letting us invade.  There must have been a couple of dozen of us who all managed to find a seat round the table then again in the ‘Cinema’.  Screen, laptop and projector had all been set up and what’s more it all worked!

The whole evening had a slightly surreal feel – driving through fog to somewhere at the end of a lane, at the end of a peninsular; through a glass door into a house that couldn’t be seen;  dining with ladies in (dark) lavender (and funny names); finding a ‘cinema’ at the end of a house to watch Ladies in Lavender then out into thicker fog again and back along a peninsular that seemed twice as long.  Was it real?  Or was it a manifestation of Hogwarts?


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