Fantastic Plastic

Lady Passionflower writes:

Well I never! What you can do with  a piece of plastic and a hot gun, from earrings to fridge magnets. So many creative ladies in the Red Hatters. A very special thanks to Tessa for the wonderful supper she prepared. It was delicious. I am sure I went home a few pounds heavier!Image

Autumn Glory, supper served out of pumpkins.

Lady Scarlet of the Dovecotes writes:

I must admit I went to the Hatti Crafti night thinking “This is going to be awful because I am not very good at crafts”. However, once we had all had a super supper, kindly provided by Queen Tess, she then demonstrated the principles behind fantastic plastic and I was hooked!

I found it quite absorbing and was very proud at the end of my two little bacelets for granddaughters and two pendants. They were not brilliant, although some people made fantastic things, but I had made them myself! A great night overall!


Some of our creations.



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