Night in the Forest

Night in the Forest  
Sat 22nd June 
Tucked away in Fermyn Woods, near Brigstock are some log cabin shelters (like this)
Groups (like us) are allowed to book them and stay overnight in them. They are a good distance from the road, hidden from view and nestled in the forest. There’s a bbq area for cooking and a cafe not far away in the country park for breakfast the next morning. You can drive right up to the shelters (if you know the gate code) to unload sleeping stuff.
There are a couple of options for the forest sleepover. You can arrive at noon to maximise your enjoyment. Spend the afternoon in the woods and learn how to use  a gps receiver to locate hidden boxes scattered throughout the woods. Alternatively just arrive any time during the afternoon and walk and relax as the mood takes you.
There will be tea and cake served during the afternoon, the tea brewed on Queen Tess’s  amazing Kelly Kettle which eats sticks and converts it into heat. All walkers and adventurers should aim to get back to the huts at least by 6pm. 
At this point we get the camp fire going and start cooking a delicious barbecue, and entertain ourselves round the campfire. We fall asleep in the huts to the sounds of the forest, owls hooting, insects chirping, and wake up refreshed the next morning, with the birds.
Its a half hour walk through the forest to the cafe for breakfast, which is booked for 8.30am or you can drive there.  
There are three huts which sleep up to six people each. You would need to bring nice cosy sleeping things. (I take a lilo, duvet, spare blankets and heat pad instant hot water bottle just to be on the safe side, although usually I’m too hot!)
And yes, there’s a  loo! Its a pit latrine with a proper seat in a little wooden hut about 100yards away    into the forest. Sadly no showers…
There is a maximum of 18 of us allowed to sleep, although others could come just for the bbq only if they want to join in the fun but sleep in their own beds. The cost of this event is £25.00 which includes tea and cake, evening bbq, morning full breakfast and overnight. Or you can just come for the bbq for £8.00
QT xx

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