Music on the Launde

The wonderful setting and a fabulous atmosphere made Picnic on the Launde a magical night. I’m thinking this event should definitely become a red hat tradition. What a triumph for the Funky Tents/ Launde team and, apart from a short blast of rain, which only served to vindicate my reserving of two gazebos, the weather held and the sun even emerged from hiding.

Lady Luffenham, singing up on stage with Janet off the cake planet in “Singing for fun” reputedly got a bit worried when she spotted us all starting our picnic without her AND on her birthday as well. Sorry about that. We should have waited for the singers and the Barrowden latecomers to arrive. Its just that we were SO hungry and everyone all around us was tucking in, and the spread of gorgeous food (which is clearly becoming a Rutland Red Hatters speciality) was just too tempting for us weak willed (but extremely well dressed) hatters to cope with.

The highlights for me were seeing Belladonna dancing with her umbrella, Little Miss Do A Lot and Kieran!! dressed up in their sparkly pink hats and boogying  like there was no tomorrow, Janet OTCP’s  amazing summer puddings, and the spectacular fireworks which were the best I’ve ever seen, mostly because they seemed somehow right over our heads as if they were exploding especially for us.

Jackie Daniels and Penny Forum
Cariie of the Frangipani and best friend, Liz

Lady Scarlet and Pixie Dixie

Not too much cider now Lady Jane…

Lady Passionflower and Mo di Morcotta

Queen Tess on walkabout

Must be a rainbow somewhere.

And after the rain, the sun.

BellaDonna and Queen Tess strutting their stuff.

Queen Tess of the Purplefrills

The stage with Rutland Youth Dancers

The fireworks were worth the wait!