Grubs to Glow worms Hoot

Well what a hoot! About twenty five amazingly dressed and well hatted (thank you, no fascinators in sight!!!)  hatters gathered in The Rectory garden for this unusual and rather dotty event. The scene was set, the tables ready, but as yet bare, the view down the lovely Welland valley  ready to impress. Music from Molly’s special RH playlist played out through Geoff’s  lofty speakers. The gazebo, set up as an ante room boudoir was swathed in red and purple drapes, and decorated with hats  for  borrowing by unadorned guests,(complete with full length mirror) and all set about with fairy lights. 

Hatters arrived and in no time at all the tables were full with bowls of salads, strawberries, giant sticks of bread, brownies, cheesecakes and kebabs. Soon the sausages were sizzling and the conversation bubbling. The weather held, and despite it not exactly being a balmy summer evening, it was pleasant, and we had purple coats, lovely big scarves, a summer house and a roaring chiminea to keep us warm.

A quiz, designed to get everyone mixing to find out the answers,was done more or less enthusiastically and the winners of the rather stylish purple silky coat hangers were Lupin de Loop and Lady Hillers, with four others coming in a close second having worked out the answers but not sorted out the tricky little anagram – well, who’d have guessed “coat hanger” was the name of the prize?!

After a delicious supper, expertly cooked by our token man on the BBQ (we let them in if they are useful) with plates piled high with everyone’s contribution. My favourite was Professer Crimson Cap’s chicken satay sauce which I think you were meant to eat with the kebabs but I just ate with everything. And Princess Posh’s strawberries of course.

Then we gathered our chairs into the marquee for some musical entertainment, a trio of songs by Little Miss Do-a Lot accompanied by Geoff on the guitar and rudely interrupted by Zippy the cat who chose this moment to climb on the roof to investigate proceedings. All we could see were four little blobs making their way up, down, up, down, along, up, down… until he had to be enticed down so the show could go on.

There followed a topical rendition of John Clare’s To the Glow worm, read to us by ‘At a Girl Anna, and then a slightly less  accomplished piece, but none the less expertly delivered by Princess Posh,

I wish I were a glow worm.

Glow worms are never glum

How could you be gloomy

when a light shines out your bum?

Linda Worrall, local glow worm expert inspired us with her glow worm knowledge and stories, warned us that seeing them could not be guaranteed, and encouraged us to to keep on looking for and caring for the little snail-snatching  beetles.  So the remaining stalwart hatters, who didn’t have to rush off, or did really but stayed up late anyway,   set off on our glow worm hunt,  along the Barrowden lanes, peering in the verges expectantly, then hopefully, then less hopefully…..

Then,  Princess Purplina spied a little glowy light down in the grass on Back Road. Great excitement ensued as we all marvelled at the bright little pin prick of light coming from the earth. Rufa Medica carefully picked up our lone little insect and  we looked at it wiggling about on her finger, still glowing with its double bands of green light.

Hurray! A successful glow worm hunt. One is one hundred per cent success right?

We wandered further up the lanes and back  but no more glow worms were to be seen but we have been inspired , and egged on by our success, I for one will be out a hunting again.

Thanks to everyone who came on this nature walk -cum -foodie fun night and contributed in whatever way. It was a pleasure to welcome you all to my garden and especially nice to see guests Liz and Nicky and Andi whom we hope we’ll see again soon.

Herewith some photos of the evening.

Queen Tess


2 thoughts on “Grubs to Glow worms Hoot

  1. Wonderful evening. Thank you Queen Tess for being a great host. I met lots of lovely ladies. It was a jolly good hoot!!!

  2. Great night at BBQ and so glad we found a lonely little glowworm!! Hope she wasn’t too traumatised by all those red hatters peering at her! Lovely BBQ too, well done Geoff!
    Lady Scarlet

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