Rutland Water Walk

What a wonderful day! Sunny sunny sunny. After all the rain we’ve had recently we were wondering if we would ever see the sun again, but it apparently waited in the wings for the Red Hatters walk today. Lucky or what? Five of us set off from Normanton, braving the fresh early morning start and rewarded by fantastic views across the water by Normanton church. Here we are, Hannah (token pink hatter, Rufa Medica’s lovely daughter) Queen Tess, Lady Luffenham, Princess Purplina and Physi Gilli

Lady Luffenham, Princess P and Physi Gilli at Sykes Lane

We waited a while at Whitwell for Princess Primrose to join us. She’s got a bit muddled up thinking we were starting at 10am so she had to do a bit of dashing about to catch up with us. However, she was worth waiting for, just look at that hat!


Lady Lynndor, Lady Crimson Chatterley and Marchioness de Monroe arrive at Barnsdale. The sun is still shining. Gutted that the coffee cafe is closed! On to the next…


Continuing on round to Egleton, where Belladonna and Janet de Fleurette suddenly appear at the church. So then there were ten…

Phew! Last leg before lunch. Pixie Dixie and Daffy Down Dilly meet us at Egleton and earn their lunch walking with us up the hill to the pub.


And to The Horse and Jockey, where other Red Hatters, already well into their glasses of wine were waiting to welcome the walkers.

Physi Gilli forgot to pay for her lunch and had to pop back later. Oops! Sorry Horse and Jockey!


And then there were five. The last few stagger home.



A well earned cup of tea and matchmakers at the salubrious Crazy Fox cafe at Normanton. Well done girls!! What a wonderful day. Roll on the next hoot.


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