Choosing a “nom de chapeau”

Every red hatter needs a nom de chapeau. This is a fanciful, beautiful, elegant or just silly, name of your choosing. There are no rules to what name you can have, just make sure you have fun choosing it.

Here are the names of some of our members to give you an idea. Good luck! Let Queen Tess know if you have having trouble thinking of something suitable and she will try and help you. We have two posh princesses but luckily one’s a Princess Posh but if you’re a Peterborough United fan, please try and think of something else!

Little Miss Do-a Lot

Queen Tess of the Purplefrills

Madame Flat ‘at Rouge

Lady Scarlet of the Dovecotes

Princess Primrose

Rufa Medica

‘At a Girl

Lady Lynndor

Lady Strawberry Jan

Lady Windmill

Lady Lupin de Loop

Lady Jane Purple of Wing

Prof. Carol Crimson Cap

Mo Marchesa di Morcott

Pixie Dixie

Janet de Fleurette

Duchess Jackie Daniels

Lady Tra La La

HRH Belladonna the Queen of Vice

Marchioness de Munroe

Lady Punch


Princess Purplina

Physi Gilli

Lady Diana Von Tease

Lady Chater Lea of Ketton

Lady Passionflower of Pick’rth.

Countess Quilter of Uppingham

Posh Princess

Miss D Meanor

Squirrel Girl

Mistress Carrie of the Frangipani

Lady Penny Forum

Princess Posh

Lady Hillers

Lady Jane de Willoughby-Wordsmith

Lady Crimson Chatterley

Lady Sandy of the Ski Slopes


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