Let’s go fly a kite – Norfolk 2012

Sat 15th September

We drive down to the beautiful The Hoste Arms in  Burnham Market for lunch at noon.  If you don’t know it, you’re in for a treat.

 Its quite a posh hotel but delightfully informal with big squiggy sofas and an informal atmosphere. Its a very popular place and there’s always a buzz so we will need to book. (The loos here are second to none and are worth a visit and will make the whole trip worthwhile even if it rains!) (Which it wont). I will book a large table or group of small tables if you let me know you want to come. Everyone needs to arrange and share their own lifts for this event and we will meet there.

Then, to work off our lunch we head down to the beach, a few miles down the road at Wells next the Sea to play. Bring kites, frisbees,   balls, croquet etc, and….swimmers if you dare.  There will be some Red Hatting games, with prizes of course but the afternoon is going to be fairly unstructured. It depends on the weather and on our energy. There are plenty of tea shoppes for the weary to find refreshment.  Head home when you’ve had enough.


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