Grubs to Glow worms

Weds June 13th   7.00pm

Meet at The Rectory,  11 Church Lane Barrowden.  LE15 8ED  for BBQ then glow worm hunt. 

A bbq in the garden/and or summer house, followed by a walk in the village to find the glow worms (no more than a mile). Come promptly if you are bringing food to cook!     

Bring a torch and warm clothes.

Member Food
Tess of the Purplefrills Chicken drumsticks
Lady Jane W-W Cider
Princess Primrose Chocolate brownies
Lady Crimson Chatterley Sausages
Marchioness de Munroe burgers
Pixie Dixi Red wine and spare ribs
Lady Scarlett of the Dovecotes salad
Lady Sandy of the ski slpoes Wine and whatever you need
Prof. Carol Crimson Cap Wine and kebabs
Princess Purplina Quiche (or change)
‘At a Girl Salad , large green
 Princess Posh
 Physi Gilli  Curried rice salad

Tell me what you can bring by posting a comment below.


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